About Us

Today when India, with its population in the right age group to take risks, is exploring the renewed thrust on manufacturing, new entrepreneurs have come up and there are many more in the pipeline. These entrepreneurs are rich in concept & enthusiasm than in capital.Many of them are first generation businessmen. The biggest entry barrier for them is to break into the retail network, even though they are equipped with the best of quality product line at a cheaper cost. With many more such competitive ventures coming up, reaching out to the retailers at a minimum cost would prove be the cutting edge.

Currently, a manufacturer has to bear a huge cost in developing a marketing system to reach out to the retailer. A study conducted by Mckinsey, a global management consulting firm, revealed that a product has to pass through nine layers of marketing agencies before reaching the end consumer and obviously every layer keeps a margin for itself, which gets built-in the selling price of the product. As a result, consumer pays much more than the cost of what he consumes. Such an arrangement is restrictive for a new concept laden entrepreneur and favours the established big players. Hence as a consequence, many quality products fail to reach the consumers or by the time they make it, it is often seen that its time has come and gone. Presently, the retailer doesn't buy products directly from manufacturer because of payment terms, requirement of minimum order quantity and subsequent problems of managing considerable inventory etc.

Technology & internet have removed the barriers and have flattened the world. If deployed effectively, in respect of retail market access, it can provide a level playing field to all the manufacturers. Ezee is one such technology enabled market access concept whereby a product can be directly delivered to the retailer's shop from the manufacturer's factory through e-commerce & m-commerce mechanisms without having to go through the multiple layers of marketing.

Our vision is to provide an effective & efficient supply chain system and our Motto is "Source Global, Sell Local".